You Can Have An In-House Dog Blood Bank Without ANY Of The Struggles!

Frustrated about not having the blood you need?

You can have your own dog blood bank!

Turnkey blood bank – we do it all, you do nothing!

We Can Give You All the Convenience of an In-House Blood Bank Without Any of the Headaches of Running Your Own! Complete turnkey system set up and DONE FOR YOU!

You get all of the benefits of an in-house dog blood bank without:

  • Having to set it up
  • Running the day to day operations
  • No set up costs
  • No monthly fees
  • You pay only for the blood products you use
  • You’ll never run out of blood or plasma again!!

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    Enjoy The Life-Saving Benefits Of Having Your Own In-House Dog Blood Bank… Without Having To Put Up With The Headache Of Running It!

    Are you sick and tired of WAITING for canine blood?

    At Last, Someone has Unlocked the Secret to Always Having the Canine Blood You Need When You Need it

    If you purchase canine blood products and you secretly wish you never had to WAIT for it…the next 10 minutes may make your life much, much easier.

    Your worry list is long.
    Having to wait for canine blood should not be on it.

    If you want to always have reliable access to safe canine blood, and if you want to get it at the best price possible, this may be the most important website that you will read all year.

    You have a long list of things to worry about – team members, last month’s production, the case that went south yesterday and broke your heart…not to mention your other life – home, marriage, kids….

    Quite honestly, you have better things to worry about than getting canine blood into your fridge.  It just shouldn’t make the list, but sometimes it does.


    We have a problem in vet medicine.  When you need dog blood sometimes you can find it, and sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you can get it right now, sometimes you have to wait a week.  Or more.  That is a problem.

    How can you save lives if you don’t have what you need to save those lives?  How can you practice the best medicine possible when you may not even be able to keep blood in your fridge?

    Welcome to Canine Blood Heroes.  Fixing this problem is our passion.   We intend to end the headaches and the frustration.  I can’t take away all your headaches.  But I do want to make your life easier and give you easy access to safe dog blood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Keep reading to learn –

    • The truth about how getting canine blood can become very, very, easy
    • Discover how to have the canine blood you need EVERY SINGLE TIME
    • The dirty little secret the blood bank you use doesn’t want you to know
    • The most important thing you’ve never heard from the blood bank you use

    First, you need to know that getting canine blood products CAN be very, very easy.


    Keeping your fridge stocked should be easy.  Call email, text.  Easy.

    You should be able to have it the next day (or sooner – we’ll talk about that!) just like everything else.

    You should be able to trust that the blood bank you are using can get you the blood you need when you need it – EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    When an IMHA walks through the door or a D-Con toxicity is carried in at 2 am, you need life-saving blood right now, not 5 days from now.

    You should have what you need when you need it.  Period.

    Before we partnered with Canine Blood Heroes, keeping blood in the fridge seemed to be a weekly struggle.  With the help of CBH over the last 4 years that fight has pretty much disappeared.  Canine Blood Heroes has helped us saved hundreds of lives and they have definitely made my life easier.  Any emergency hospital that struggles keeping blood on the shelf should seriously consider working with Canine Blood Heroes.

    Christy Clark, Inventory Manager

    Advanced Veterinary Care – Salt Lake


    The Dirty Little Secret the blood bank you use Doesn’t Want You to Know

    The reality is that traditional canine blood banks just can’t keep up with demand.  Too many hospitals need it, too many dogs need it, and they don’t have enough donors or a big enough facility to fill every order.  The result?  Sometimes you get it, sometimes you WAIT. 

    So what’s the most important thing that they have never told you??  IT’S ONLY GETTING WORSE.  As the quality of vet medicine goes up and clients become more bonded, the demand for blood keeps increasing.  There is just no way for traditional blood banks to keep up.

    And do we want them to?  Given that their donors live in a closed colony, not in a loving home?

    Announcing a Canine Blood Bank that is So Good…Your current supplier Would be Scared to Death if They Knew You were Reading THIS

    How can we end the headaches and frustrations associated with keeping canine blood in YOUR fridge?  How do we overcome such overwhelming demand? How can I guarantee that you will ALWAYS have the blood that you need, when you need it, EVERY SINGLE TIME?

    How is it that the following emergency and specialty hospitals AND the surrounding vet clinics have had such easy access to canine blood over the last few months to years?

    • Advanced Veterinary Care in Salt Lake
    • Intermountain Pet Hospital in Boise
    • BluePearl Phoenix (all 5 locations)
    • BluePearl Kansas City (all 3 locations)
    • Animal Health Care Denver
    • Mile Hi Animal Hospital in Prescott, Arizona
    • Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas in Dallas

    The secret to always having dog blood in your fridge is Canine Blood Heroes.

    Welcome to Canine Blood Heroes

    Canine Blood Heroes is fixing this problem one community at a time.   CBH is a local canine blood donation program.  It runs smoothly, consistently, and creates safe and reliable blood products.  CBH uses local dogs to save local lives.

    Canine Blood Heroes is a complete system where each aspect of the program is carried out in a consistent way, and this consistency creates a dependable outcome; safe, reliable blood products when you need them, EVERY SINGLE TIME. The system is straight forward and easily run by non-veterinarians.

    If you feel your hospital could benefit from 100% access to blood products 365 days a year please contact us RIGHT NOW.

    There is a reason Canine Blood Heroes is the Fastest Growing Blood Bank in the Country.

    There is a reason Canine Blood Heroes is the fastest growing blood bank in the country.  With 150 donors in 8 different locations and counting we are making life easier for a lot of vets. We create safe, consistent, reliable blood products right where they are needed.

    Are they needed right now in your community??

    Contact us today – let’s see if we can help you save more lives. 

    PS – CBH is not a great fit for every vet hospital.  There is no reason for us to talk if your hospital NEVER has to wait for canine blood, if your hospital uses little or no canine blood products, or if you are 100% satisfied with your current provider, their delivery times, customer service, and what they charge.

    Canine Blood Heroes has saved more than 10,000 lives.  Here are just a few!


       Thank You So Much

    “Thank you so much for all the care you give to my cats”

    Holly Samson

      A New Pup Again

    “Ryelee is doing very well. It’s like he’s a new pup again”

    April S.

      Five Stars

    “You treated our girls with the greatest care”

    Happy Client

    Your worry list is long. Having to wait for dog blood should not be on it.
    CONTACT US TODAY. Let’s see if we can help you start saving lives!

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